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Colloquium: Production and supply in the Roman world


This colloquium, organized by Candace Rice and Miko Flohr, focuses on the world of production and supply in the Roman Empire. Rather than focusing on one subset of questions, this colloquium casts the net wide and addresses a variety of approaches, datasets and regions to confront widely diverging perspectives on similar or comparable questions. This will foster debate between the participants on a methodological and theoretical level.

Conference: Ports and Canals in the Roman World: Infrastructure and Trade (May 9, 2009)


The Oxford Roman Economy Project organized the conference 'Ports and Canals in the Roman World: Infrastructure and Trade'. This conference explored Roman maritime commerce by discussing the infrastructure created to enhance and support trade. Papers focused on a variety of issues such as port location and harbour construction as well as the evidence for connectivity and trade routes. Speakers included Hannah Friedman, Dario Nappo, Candace Rice, Ben Russell, Katia Schörle and Greg Votruba.

Colloquium: New Research on the Non-Agricultural Roman Economy (November 15-16, 2007)


A colloquim on New Research on the Non-Agricultural Roman Economy took place in the Stelios Ioannou Classics Centre at Oxford on November 15-16th, 2007. Speakers included Matthew Gibbs, Kristina Glicksman, Merav Haklai, Karen Heslin, Philip Kay, Victoria Leitch, Dragana Mladenovic, Ben Russell, Katja Schörle, and Christina Triantafillou.

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