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Colloquium: New Research on the Non-Agricultural Roman Economy (November 15-16, 2007)


A colloquim on New Research on the Non-Agricultural Roman Economy took place in the Stelios Ioannou Classics Centre at Oxford on November 15-16th, 2007. Speakers included Matthew Gibbs, Kristina Glicksman, Merav Haklai, Karen Heslin, Philip Kay, Victoria Leitch, Dragana Mladenovic, Ben Russell, Katja Schörle, and Christina Triantafillou.


Thursday 15th November 10:45 Registration / Coffee 11:20 Welcome and Introduction Session 1: Stone-working and mining techniques 11:30 Ben Russell (LMH): Mass-production in the Roman world: the evidence from stone objects (abstract) 12:15 Katja Schörle (Corpus): Advances in the technology of Roman underground mining (abstract) 13:00 Lunch Session 2: Mining in the Balkans 14:00 Kristina Glicksman (Exeter): Mining in Roman Dalmatia (abstract) 14:45 Dragana MladenoviÄ? (St Hugh’s): Roman Mining in Moesia Superior (abstract) 15:30 Tea Session 3: Finance and Growth 16:00 Philip Kay (Wolfson): Financial intermediation in the 2nd century BC (abstract) 16:45 Karen Heslin (Merton): Identifying economic growth in Roman North Africa and Gaul (abstract) 17:30 Discussion 18:00 Drinks Friday 16th November Session 4: Imperial expenditure 9:30 Christina Triantafillou (Keble): Labour requirements for Trajanic building projects (abstract) 10:15 Merav Haklai (University): Some observations about the monetary policy of Aurelian (abstract) 11:00 Coffee Session 5: Trade 11:30 Victoria Leitch (Hertford): Trade in North African cookwares (abstract) 12:15 Matthew Gibbs (Brasenose): Economic functions of trade associations in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt (abstract) 13:00 Lunch Session 6: Cities in the economy 14:00 Candace Vaden (Exeter): Merchant cities? (abstract) 14:45 Alex Sofroniew (Brasenose): Urban development and settlement spread in Graeco-Roman Egypt (abstract) 15:30 Concluding discussion

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