Oxford Roman Economy Project University of Oxford

Research Assistants

Dr Angela Trentacoste


Angela Trentacoste completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield, where she investigated the relationship between urbanisation and animal exploitation during the first millennium BC in Italy. Before joining OXREP, she a held a Mougins Museum Rome Award at the British School at Rome and the Etruscan Foundation’s Research Fellowship, for which she investigated animal sacrifice and its role in wider socio-economic networks. Her current research continues to focus on human–animal interaction in antiquity, with a particular interest in the development of livestock breeds, the redistributive function of religious centres, and the economic importance of foodways.

Dr Tyler Franconi


Tyler Franconi completed his DPhil at the University of Oxford, where he investigated the nature of economic development within frontier regions of the Roman Empire, using the Rhine frontier as a case study. Before joining OXREP, he worked for two years on the English Landscapes and Identities Project as the Roman specialist, studying in particular the relationship between agrarian economies and landscape change. His current research focuses on the intersection of Roman economic and environmental history, seeking to understand how Roman expansion and intensification both shaped and was shaped by the surrounding landscape.  While working with OXREP, he will be developing a database of quantified amphorae assemblages in order to create a new tool for studying large ceramic datasets on a regional or supra-regional level.

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