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Settlement, Urbanisation and Population (September 10, 2007)


The second OXREP conference took place on September 10th, 2007 in the Ioannou School for Research in Classical and Byzantine Studies. The conference focused on the theme of Settlement, Urbanisation and Population. Speakers included Alan Bowman, Annalisa Marzano, David Mattingly, Neville Morley, Simon Price, Dominic Rathbone, J. Rowling, Andrew Wilson, and Robert Witcher. Proceedings of this conference will appear as Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy, volume 2, with Oxford University Press in 2011.




Introduction A. Bowman, A. Wilson: Introduction


Session 1: Survey method and data (Chair: Andrew Wilson)


R. Witcher ‘Landscape Archaeology and the Demography of Roman Italy’


D.Mattingly ‘Calculating ploughzone demographics: some insights from arid zone surveys’


Session 2: Urbanisation (Chair: Elio Lo Cascio)


N. Morley 'Cities, demography and development in the Roman Empire'


A. Wilson / A. Marzano ‘City sizes and urbanisation in the Roman Empire’


Session 3: Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean (Chair: J. Rowlandson)


J. Rowland ‘The Minufiyeh Archaeological Survey: findspots in the central Delta’Egypt’


D. Rathbone ‘P.Count. and population in Ptolemaic Egypt'


A. Bowman / M. Malouta / A. Sofroniew 'Urbanisation, toponymy and archaeology in Graeco-Roman Egypt'


Session 4: Greek populations (Chair: M. van de Mieroop)


S. Price 'Estimating ancient Greek populations: the evidence of field survey'.


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