Oxford Roman Economy Project University of Oxford

Benjamin Hellings


2013 -

Prof. Andrew Wilson and Prof. Chris Howgego

The Economic Integration of Northwest Europe during the Roman Period

Project Description:
Ben investigated the economic integration and ‘connectivity’ of north-west continental Europe during the Roman period (c. 50 BC – AD 450) by considering the distribution of numismatic material, various pottery types (e.g. Samian ware, amphora), epigraphic evidence and settlement patterns. Geographically, north-west of continental Europe was limited to the modern countries of Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Denmark.

In 2011, Ben completed a BA Honours in Classical Studies at UBC (University of British Columbia). Between 2011-2013 he read for a Master of Philosophy in Greek and/or Roman History at St. Hugh's College, Oxford, which was passed with a distinction. He has contributed to the Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project, which is being undertaken by the Ashmolean Museum and OxREP.

Ben completed his DPhil in 2016 and took up the position of Ben Lee Damsky Assistant Curator of Numismatics at the Yale University Art Gallery.

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