Oxford Roman Economy Project University of Oxford

Benjamin Hellings


2013 -

Prof. Andrew Wilson and Prof. Chris Howgego

The Economic Integration of Northwest Europe during the Roman Period

Project Description:
I intend to investigate the economic integration and ‘connectivity’ of north-west continental Europe during the Roman period (c. 50 BC – AD 450) by considering the distribution of numismatic material, various pottery types (e.g. Samian ware, amphora), epigraphic evidence and settlement patterns. Geographically, north-west of continental Europe has been limited to the modern countries of Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Denmark.

In 2011, I completed a BA Honours in Classical Studies at UBC (University of British Columbia). Between 2011-2013 I read for a Master of Philosophy in Greek and/or Roman History at St. Hugh's College, Oxford, which was passed with a distinction. I am now in my first year of my DPhil and I am contributing to the Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire project, which is being undertaken by the Ashmolean Museum and OxREP.

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