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Dr Tyler Franconi


2010 - 2014

Prof. Andrew Wilson

The Economic Development of the Rhine River Basin in the Roman Period


Project Description

For my DPhil, I examined the economic development of the territory surrounding the Rhine River basin during the Roman period. I examined the systemitization of the economy of the region via the riverine network, and how different aspects of trade and society made this possible. I am particularly interested in how political-military crises affected the economy, especially during the Late Roman period.



I received a BA in classics from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2007. I wrote my senior thesis on the economy of the Limes Germanicus. After this, I completed an MA in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at Bryn Mawr College where my master''s thesis studied the cult of Mars within the Roman Empire. I went on to do a one-year MSt at the University of Oxford in Roman archaeology, and then completed my Dphil in the same subject. My first fieldwork consisted of three summers digging in Maine, USA, at the colony of Pemaquid. I have spent three years excavating at Villa Magna, an imperial villa located south of Rome, known to have belonged to Marcus Aurelius. I have also studyied the small finds from the 2006-2010 seasons. In 2010 I started working at Utica in Tunisia, where I documented the standing remains of the ancient city and studyed the small finds from the excavations.

I am currently a Research Assistant on the English Landscapes and Identities Project at the University of Oxford.



Franconi, T.V. Forthcoming. “Objects relating to agriculture and animal husbandry.” In E. Fentress, C. Goodson, M. Maiuro (eds.) Excavations at Villa Magna 2006-2010.

Franconi, T.V. 2013. “Raetia.” In R. Bagnall, K. Brodersen, C. Champion, A. Erskine, and S. Huebner (eds.) Blackwell Encyclopedia of Ancient History.



16 February, 2011: Glass Production and the Economy of Roman Germany. Roman Discussion Forum, University of Oxford.

26 March, 2010: Mars Across the Channel: Similarities and Differences between Religious Experiences in Britain and the Northwest Provinces. RAC 2010, University of Oxford.

9 January, 2010: Deo Marti: Votive Dedications to Mars in the Imperial Period. AIA 2010, Anaheim, California.


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