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Katia Schörle


2008 - 2014

Dr Damian Robinson

Desert Strategies in the Roman Imperial period: the Eastern desert of Egypt, the Libyan Sahara and Palmyra

Project Description

Long distance trade, particular along the desert frontiers of the Roman empire (Sahara, Eastern Desert of Egypt); Lepcis Magna Coastal Survey; Brick stamps of the Tiber Valley area; Rome and Latium.


Katia Schörle holds a BA and MA in Classics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) after finishing her baccalaureate in France. She has worked as a curatorial assistant at the Chazen Museum of Art (University of Wisconsin, Madison) before working in Rome, Italy for ICCROM (Intergovernmental Organization for the preservation of cultural property). She pursued onto an M.Phil. in Classical Archaeology at Oxford (Roman Architecture, Roman Economy, Maritime Archaeology). She is currently working on a D.Phil. in Classical Archaeology on Desert Landscapes in the Roman empire, focusing on the Eastern desert of Egypt, the Libyan Sahara and the Tadmor desert (Palmyra). She has worked on several excavations in Israel (Tel Dor), in Rome and Ostia, excavations and surveys in Libya (Fezzan, Ghadames, Marmarica, Lepcis) and excavations in Egypt at Berenike, on the Ptolemaic and Roman harbour on the Red Sea, and within the harbour of Alexandria. Her interests range from the coast to the desert in terms of long-distance trade, but she also enjoys working on maritime villas, and brickstamps from Latium and the Tiber Valley.


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