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The Roman Agricultural Economy


The Roman Agricultural Economy: Organisation, Investment and Production
Edited by A. K. Bowman and A. I. Wilson
Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy. Oxford University Press, 2013.

This volume is a collection of studies which presents new analyses of the nature and scale of Roman agriculture in the Mediterranean world from c. 100 BC to AD 350. It provides a clear understanding of the fundamental features of Roman agricultural production through studying the documentary and archaeological evidence for the modes of land exploitation and the organization, development of, and investment in this sector of the Roman economy. 

Moving substantially beyond the simple assumption that agriculture was the dominant sector of the ancient economy, the volume explores what was special and distinctive about it, especially with a view of its development and integration during a period of expansion and prosperity across the empire. The papers exemplify a range of possible approaches to studying and, within limits, quantifying aspects of Roman agricultural production, marshalling a large quantity of evidence, chiefly archaeological and papyrological, to address important questions of the organization and performance of this sector in the Roman world.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Quantifying Roman Agriculture, Alan Bowman and Andrew Wilson
2. The State and Production in the Roman Agrarian Economy, Dennis Kehoe
3. GIS Models of Roman Agricultural Production, Helen Goodchild
4. Agricultural Production in the Hinterland of Rome: Wine and Olive Oil, Annalisa Marzano
5. Capital Investment and Agriculture: Multi-Press Facilities from Gaul, the Iberian Peninsula and the Black Sea region, Annalisa Marzano
6. The Rural Landscape of Thugga: Farms, Presses, Mills and Transport, Mariette de Vos
7. Agricultural Productivity in Roman Egypt, Alan Bowman
8. The Agricultural Economy of the Mendesian Nome during the Roman Period, KatherineBlouin
9. Mechanical irrigation: water-lifting devices in the archaeological evidence and in the Egyptian papyri, Myrto Malouta and Andrew Wilson (with accompanying database)
10. Agriculture in the Faynan: Food Supply for Industry, Hannah Friedman

This volume publishes papers of the OXREP conference on The Agricultural Economy: Production and Consumption.

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