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Roman Discussion Forum (Trinity Term 2015)


The Roman Discussion Forum of Trinity Term 2015 will have several talks on themes related to the Oxford Roman Economy Project.  All lectures start at 1pm in the Lecture Room in the Institute of Archaeology.


Full Programme

Week 1: Wednesday 29th April

From figlina to buildings: the use of opus Testaceum in Hispania

Macarena Bustamante and Lourdes Rodan, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid


Week 2: Wednesday 6th May

Life and death in a Roman colony on the eastern Adriatic coast: an osteoarchaeological perspective

Mario Novak, University College Dublin


Week 3: Wednesday 13th May

A late Roman cemetery excavated in Pallene, Attica: The transition from paganism to Christianity in the hinterland of Athens

Galatea Klapakis, Greek Archaeological Service


Week 4: Wednesday 20th May

The Port of Clysma revisited

Prof. Jean-Pierre Brun, College de France


Week 5: Wednesday 27th May

Iconography of the coinage of the Gallic empire

Jerome Mairat, University of Oxford


Week 6: Wednesday 3rd June

A foot in the door: laterality and movement in Roman houses

Taylor Lauritsen, Cardiff University


Week 7: Wednesday 10th June

Storms and war: Sicily and the sea

Paul Roberts, Ashmolean Museum, and Alexandra Sofroniew, University of Oxford


Week 8: Wednesday 17th June

What lies beneath? Interpreting Romano-British ‘votive’ assemblages from the River Tees at Piercebridge

Philippa Walton, University of Oxford

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