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Roman Discussion Forum - Michaelmas 2016


The Roman Discussion Forum hosts talks on themes related to the Oxford Roman Economy Project. We meet Wednesdays 1.00 p.m. in the Lecture Room of the Institute of Archaeology, Beaumont Street, Oxford. All welcome!

Join us for coffee and biscuits afterwards!

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Roman Discussion Forum - Michaelmas 2016

Organised by Andrew Wilson, Sarah Wilker, and Joshua Goldman with the support of the Faculty of Classics, the School of Archaeology, and All Souls College

Week 1
Wednesday October 12
Roman Hoards from the Middle and Lower Danube—General and Specific Patterns
Prof. Cristian Gazdac, Romanian Academy of Science

Week 2
Wednesday October 19
Digital Experimental Archaeology: Realizing (or at least Virtualizing) Hero's Description of Automata
Dr Duncan Keenan-Jones, University of Glasgow

Week 3
Wednesday October 26
Urban Workshops in Pompeii: Tannery 1, the Evolution of Insula I 5 from the Archaic Period to AD 79
Prof. Jean-Pierre Brun, Collège de France

Week 4
Wednesday November 2
A New Archaeology of Pompeii
Prof. Mark Robinson, Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Week 5
Wednesday November 9
Mining in Roman Dacia
Swii Lim, Merton College

Week 6
Wednesday November 16
Landed Traders, Trading Agriculturalists? Land in the Economy of the Italian Diaspora in the Greek East
Dr Lisa Eberle, St John’s College, and Énora LeQuéré, Université de Rouen

Week 7
Wednesday November 23
The Cargo of the Hermapollon and the History of Indo-Mediterranean Trade
Prof. Federico De Romanis, Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”

Week 8
Wednesday November 30
Urban Workshops in Pompeii: Tannery 2, the Tanners’ Works
Prof. Jean-Pierre Brun, Collège de France

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