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Roman Discussion Forum - Michaelmas 2015


The Roman Discussion Forum hosts talks on themes related to the Oxford Roman Economy Project. We meet Wednesdays 1.00 p.m. in the Lecture Room of the Institute of Archaeology, Beaumont Street, Oxford. 

Coffee and biscuits afterwards! 


Roman Discussion Forum - Michaelmas 2015

Organised by Andrew Wilson, Jelena Jaric, and Maggie Burr with the support of the Faculty of Classics, the School of Archaeology, and All Souls College

Week 1
Wednesday Oct 14th
How Romans improved the productivity of animal husbandry: evidence from ancient Western Europe using stable isotopes and faunal remains
Dr Silvia Valenzuela-Lamas, University of Sheffield

Week 2
Wednesday Oct 21st
Towards an economic geography of consumption in the Roman World?
Dr Miko Flohr, Universiteit Leiden

Week 3
Wednesday Oct 28th
Olive oil production in Roman and late Roman Jordan
Dr Tomasz Waliszewski, Instytut Archeologii, University of Warsaw

Week 4
Wednesday Nov 4th
The Southwestern Fazzan in Garamantian times: new evidence from the Italian work in the Wadi Tanzzuft and the Tadrart Akakus
Dr Maria Carmela Gatto, University of Leicester

Week 5
Wednesday Nov 11th
Roman exploitation of water power: chronological trends and geographical spread
Prof. Andrew Wilson, University of Oxford

Week 6
Wednesday Nov 18th
The Arles-Rhône 3 shipwreck project, from the river to the museum.
Dr Sabrina Marlier, Musée départemental Arles antique

Week 7
Wednesday Nov 25th
Endangered Archaeology: the Past, Present and Future of the Middle East
Dr Emma Cunliffe, University of Oxford

Week 8
Wednesday Dec 2nd
Gold mining in the Eastern desert of Egypt from Ptolemy I to the Ummayad period
Prof. Jean-Pierre Brun, Collège de France

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