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New OXREP Bibliography on Zooarchaeology and Livestock Husbandry


In collaboration with the International Council for Archeozoology's Roman Period Working Group, OxREP has created a new bibliography on Roman zooarchaeology and livestock husbandry. This resource highlights key regional and thematic overviews, with special reference to bird exploitation, butchery and craft production, and the army's impact on livestock husbandry. Regional sections span the entirity of the Roman world from Iberia to Anatonlia. The bibliography's inclusive chronology covers the preiod between the Iron Age-Roman transition and the decline of the Empire.

The bibliography is downloadble in a variety of reference manager formats. Updates and further suggestions are welcome.

To view or download the biblography click here.

For more on Roman zooarchaeology, visit the International Council for Archeozoology's Roman Period Working Group.

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