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The Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project is the brainchild of Baron Lorne Thyssen and is funded by the Augustus Foundation. It intends to fill a major lacuna in the digital coverage of coin hoards from antiquity. Its aim is to collect information about hoards of all coinages in use in the Roman Empire between approximately 30 BC and AD 400. Imperial Coinage will form the main focus of the project, but Iron Age and Roman Provincial coinages issued within this period will also be included. The data we collect will provide the foundations for a systematic Empire-wide study of hoarding and will hopefully promote the integration of numismatic data into broader research on the Roman Economy.

A new website, made possible by the Ashmolean Museum, allows users to explore coin hoards of the Roman Empire. In this phase, the Project aims to collect summary hoard data from as many Roman provinces as possible, as well as inputting a selection of hoards at the level of the individual coin. As such, the new website provides information on the location of coin hoards, as well as the periods, persons, mints, and denominiations represented in them. Further information on the hoards' archaeological context and associated objects is also available.


Visit the new Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Site here.


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