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June 2012: Conference on the Economy of Pompeii


The Oxford Roman Economy Project, in collaboration with the Network on Structural Determinants of Economic Performance in the Roman World (Flanders Research Foundation), organizes a two day conference on the Economy of Pompeii in Oxford, on June 29-30, 2012. This conference brings together Pompeii specialists and leading economic historians of the Roman world to explore what Pompeii’s unique remains have to offer to the larger debates about structure and scale in the Roman economy. In doing so, the conference will foster debate contributing to both our understanding of Pompeii and that of the Roman economy.

Confirmed speakers include: Wim Broeckaert (Gent), Steven Ellis (Cincinnati), Miko Flohr (Oxford), Richard Hobbs (British Museum), Willem Jongman (Groningen), Nicolas Monteix (Rouen), Eric Poehler (UMass Amherst), Nick Ray (Leicester), Damian Robinson (Oxford), Erica Rowan (Oxford), Ferdinando de Simone (Oxford), Koen Verboven (Gent), and Andrew Wilson (Oxford).

More information can be found on the conference page.

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