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Conference: Fuel and Fire in the Roman World


The Oxford Roman Economy Project participates in a workshop on Fuel and Fire in the Roman World held at the Britisch School at Rome and the Finnish Institute of Rome on 8 and 9 March 2013, and organized by Robyn Veal. Speakers and discussants include Jim Ball, Laura Banducci, Silvie Coubray, Hilary Cool, Girolamo Fiorentini, David Griffiths, William Harris, Mohamed Kenawi, Victoria Leitch, Archer Martin, Heike Möller, Nicolas Monteix, Tony Rook, Ferdinando de Simone, Robyn Veal, Andrew Wilson, and Véronique Zech-Matterne.

Full programme can be found here. Abstracts have been published on the site of the British School at Rome.

March 08-08, 2013:
Conference day 1.


BSR. Registration.

March 09-09, 2013:
Conference day 2.


Villa Lante. Registration.

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