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The Agricultural Economy (October 3, 2008)


The third OXREP conference took place on Friday, 3rd October 2008. The focus of this conference was on the agricultural economy of the Empire, with special reference to issues concerning agricultural productivity. Speakers included Katherine Blouin, Alan Bowman, Helen Goodchild, Dennis Kehoe, Myrto Malouta, Annalisa Marzano and Andrew Wilson.



9:30 Dennis Kehoe, "The state and production in the Roman agrarian economy."
10:30 coffee
11:00 Helen Goodchild, “Quantifying agricultural production in the Tiber Valley during the Roman period”
12:00 Annalisa Marzano, “Villas and agricultural production in central Italy”
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Andrew Wilson, “Mechanical irrigation: the archaeological evidence”
2:45 Myrto Malouta, “Water-lifting devices in Egyptian papyri”
3:30 Tea
3.50 Katherine Blouin, “The Agricultural Economy of the Mendesian Nome during the Roman Period”
4.40 Alan Bowman, “Agricultural productivity in Roman Egypt”
5.30 Marietta de Vos "The rural landscape of Thugga: Farms, presses, mills and transport"
6.15 Andrew Wilson and Annalisa Marzano: presentation of presses database and general discussion


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